Green parakeet

Green parakeet

The Green Parakeet (Psittacara holochlora), is a medium-sized parrot that is native to Central America, from Mexico south to northern Nicaragua. These birds have established self-sustaining populations in some cities in southeast Texas in the United States. It is unclear if the US population are feral released birds or may be some wild vagrants which have moved north from Mexico. The Green Parakeet is usually nonmigratory, but will move sometimes to take advantage of food supplies.

The Pacific Parakeet, formerly considered a distinct species, is now placed herein as a subspecies Psittacara holochlora strenua.

The bird is 32 cm in length, and is mostly green in color. It also has a yellow beak. The bird feed on seeds, various fruits, and corn. It can sometimes be considered a crop pest. Wild birds primarily use scrub and swamp forests, woodlands, and forest clearings. The US population takes advantage of palm groves in the cities.

Green Parakeet pairs usually find holes in trees to nest in where it lays 3-4 eggs. It will also nest colonially on crevices in cliff faces. After the breeding season is completed, the birds will form large communal roosts.