Silver Gulls


The silver gull (Chroicocephalus novaehollandiae) also known simply as “seagull” in Australia, is the most common gull seen in Australia. It has been found throughout the continent, but particularly at or near coastal areas. The South African Hartlaub’s gull (C. hartlaubii) and the New Zealand red-billed gull (C. scopulinus) were formerly sometimes considered to be subspecies of the silver gull. As is the case with many gulls, it has traditionally been placed in the genus Larus but is now placed in the genus Chroicocephalus.

The silver gull should not be confused with the herring gull, which is called “silver gull” in many other languages (scientific name Larus argentatus, German Silbermöwe, French Goéland argenté, Dutch zilvermeeuw) but is a much larger, robust gull with no overlap in range.

The silver gull has a sharp voice consisting of a variety of calls. The most common call is a harsh ‘kwee-aarr’.